10 layouts! said the teacher, 10 layouts I wrote down, but my head was thinking how about 3?  It is a pretty awesome process to come up with at least 10 different ways to depict the same subject.  At the end I end up borrowing a little from here and there, the things I like the most from each attempt.  Years later, I still practice the multiple layout sketching and while I don't hold myself strictly to 10, sometimes I find myself going through 10+ pages of ideas.  BeI was learning to flourish when I made this piece.  The Italic alphabet is the one most people think when calligraphy is mentioned,  it certainly is not the easiest to learn, there are lots of angles, slopes and tilts to consider.  I am happy with the consistent lettering here. be1be2










This is my favorite layout of all, since one of my kids did it.



Another experiment with acrylic on black paper, in the bottom I smeared some chalk and wrote on top,  I need to make a piece with that effect.