wild flower

As we hiked steep slopes to the top of the mountain, my tired legs force me to pause.  My eyes delighted in flowers I have seen before, this time they captivated me.  So simple, yet majestic; so delicate, yet hardy to withstand the elements; so much beauty together in a little speck. pink-flower-gouache

I painted the flower from dark to light, background to foreground in gouache.  Totally backward of what I usually do.  It was fun.

Have you heard of synchronicity?  (the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection, the internet says) I actually believe they are blessings.  It so happens that I am getting ready for a show in August at the Flying Apron Bakery in Redmond.  I have chosen flowers as my focus which probably leads me to pay more attention and then I got the inspiration from these wildflowers.  The other cool thing as I continue my online class is that I am to build a collection of things I love....flowers anyone?  It all lines up, so beautifully orchestrated, I am thankful the One above is in charge.