This was a wedding present for a dear friend.  It is written with a pointed pen script variation alphabet, on paper, with gouache.  



This is the longest quote I have worked on.  It took me several tries, 7 to be exact to get it how I wanted it.   After number 6,  I thought I was done, went away from my desk for a little celebration and came back to this...


One of my kids apparently wanted to help me finish.  I love the free strokes and how deliberate they were, nothing else was painted.  I learned not to leave my tools and inks easily accessible and to take frequent brakes to give them some of my attention.

Here are some of the guidelines and layout sketches:


This piece is hanging at the Flying Apron in Redmond.  I will be there on Thursday, September 22nd from 6 to 8 pm., I would love to see you there!