la familia

A friend, Cristina Borja, is volunteering her efforts at Diakonia, a food bank in Ecuador. She wrote an engaging article about the traditions around eating that we are losing.  The article, made me remember how important meals where, growing up, even when sometimes it meant an hour trip from and to work for my parents.  I guess we make time for what is important to us, don't we? lore-familia

Her words issued a call to be intentional with our eating, to me also to be intentional with our actions.  I made several sketches to work out the composition.  My imaginary family turned into my sister's cute family.  They are about to eat a Locro de papa (potato chowder), the pink bowl has tostado (corn nuts), the blue bowl aji (something like a fresh tabasco salsa that people put on everything to add spice).  Lots of memories there.

My composite drawing got lost after I painted it.  I tried, and tried to make it work, there are things I like about this watercolor, but at the end, it lost the spark. Which meant that I had to redo the painting.


To quote my friend "A comer! La mesa esta servida" (come eat, food is ready!)

HAPPY 2017!