Pattern making, the elephant patterns take 2

elephant collection patterns for fabric

elephant collection patterns for fabric

I need to document this process, so I can remember.  It was a great learning experience.

It all started with the elephant sketches


Then I got excited painting and experimenting with the elephants I liked most

From all that play I saw some patterns more fitting for baby fabric.  


Then created a digital version of the patterns and elephants in a gender-neutral palette to fit a baby theme


It is becoming easier to put on paper what it is in my head but then making it digital takes a different kind of thinking. Add to that making patterns that work and I must have created each pattern at least 5 times; testing that they were continuous, that the colors were right and that when printed in a big area they had some movement. And when I thought I was done I try uploading it to Spoonflower and it took a few re-dos until all patterns were working properly.  Thank goodness for generous people that make video tutorials!

The patterns are uploaded.  I ordered some swatches to check that they appear the way I intended them too. So now I am waiting... anxiously waiting and then I can officially share them.  Phew! An intricate process, yet I feel satisfied with what I learned and was able to produce, good job Cristina!

There were a few late nights and a couple times I almost gave up.  Many times I was grateful to be familiar with Photoshop and Illustrator, so my learning was much more focused.  You know, it is true that 'no experience is wasted'   a few years ago I hesitantly took some Adobe classes at our community college, and that has been tremendously helpful.  But I must confess, I still love my pencil and paper.

These are the patterns that will eventually be available to be printed on fabric, gift wrap or wallpaper.

Screenshot (3).png