Full of love and good memories

20x20 acrylic & ink on canvas, custom art

20x20 acrylic & ink on canvas, custom art

This custom piece celebrates a family's life of adventure and service.  We invented a new tree full of cherry blossoms and maple leaves, from favorites and childhood memories.  

The solid trunk and branches represent what is most important for these parents, their family. Hence all the member's names were the first to go in, and became the frame to build on.

There are many travel-related icons, from family vacations and humanitarian service.  Symbols of what they like to do together, baseball games & cheering on the Huskies, to name a few.  Can you find the VW van that took them many places?

Here is the visual journey:

There was so much love packed here from the kids to their parents.  Lots of precious memories and values that made this tree flourish naturally.

Do you want to celebrate a love one?  Let's create something together.