Yellow & Pink

mixed media and collage 2 color wall art  12x12in

mixed media and collage 2 color wall art  12x12in

This piece has layers and layers and layers of work.  At one point I almost gave up.  But the beauty of acrylic and mixed media is that you can always do something to change it. The challenge was to keep it at 2 main colors.  

What did I learn?  Lots of glue/medium is good to avoid bubbles.  Collage is my patience tester, layers have to dry so you can move on.  White is rather transparent, takes a few layers to achieve it's opaque.  Flowers are timeless.  

The first layers in this painting represent the past, beautiful and ugly moments all together. The next layers represent life and all the discoveries and learning we do as we experience being here.  The last layer is the fruit of good choices, the growth we can all achieve, how despite of whatever has happened there is hope and beauty to grasp on.  

A reminder to Live life to the fullest