A magical tree

20x20 acrylic on canvas, a tree for a nature loving family

20x20 acrylic on canvas, a tree for a nature loving family

About a year ago, I made this piece for fun to fill up space in an upcoming show. Displaying my art was a huge step and when my friend showed interest in this piece, I shied away at selling it, selling felt uncomfortable.  

I didn't follow up and the piece sold to someone else.  But I recently got the opportunity to do a custom tree for her and her family.  I feel my trees have grown confident as have I, so maybe it was worth the wait.

The contrast of the white on dark and the intricate detail makes this tree rather magical. And I love how it has pieces of their life.  Can you find all the bugs scattered throught?  Do you see the hummingbird, the dragonfly,  and the mole?

Here is how it happened

There are 4 flowers, 1 for each member.  A mole and its mounds as a kid favorite animal.  They enjoy the nature that surrounds them and the hummingbird is flying high going right, to me it symbolizes up and the right way.  The dragonfly's journey is taking the same route.  The mole, hummingbird, and dragonfly have intricate details in rocks, feathers, and wings and they form a triangle for an added focus.  There are about 3 of each big flower, and to fill up such a tree it took a lot of them, didn't count them.  There is a ladybug and a variety of other bugs crawling around. Lots of things to discover and look at.