4 elefantes se columpiaban

3x4 inch each, watercolor pen and pencil on paper

3x4 inch each, watercolor pen and pencil on paper

There is a song in Spanish about elephants swinging on a spider's web.  It's one of those songs that never end 'cause you keep adding elephants to the web as a counting exercise.

Here is 4 more elefantes!  In this batch, I couldn't pick a favorite one, so they are all highlighted.

And here are the process pictures:

Why am I painting elephants and so many of them?  Iwill be making a pattern with them.  But when I was drawing the elephants I had so much fun I couldn't stop at 3 or 15 even.  Experimenting with paint and patterns on them was as thrilling.  So, a lot of it is for fun and learning.

Plus, I remember reading Elmer by David Mckee to my kids, so that was the inspiration on the painting of them.


On another note, this week as I was driving to a favorite store, I thought, I could get a job there.  Leave work and not have to think about it, no stress about deadlines or learning about running a business. 
As tempting as that sounded for a moment, it was reassuring to know that art is what I want to do, learn about, and contribute to the world.

So, how do elephants make a difference?  They mean experimenting, they mean joy and learning.  Being more consistent at making art is changing me in good ways,  and in honoring my gifts I hope to enable you to follow your bliss.  See, elephants do make a difference!