Puppy gesture drawings, now at 90%

2.5x3.5in ink on acrylic background

2.5x3.5in ink on acrylic background

Gesture drawing is a fast loose warm up, and little messy drawing. It is a great way to loosen up and so good at depicting movement and flow. If you have ever been at a figure drawing session, it is a great way to start and get hand and brain connected and rolling.

Since I found myself glued to the proximity of our new puppy, I used him as my model. If you notice, all of these are sleepy poses. I am either a slow drawer or he is way too fast when he is awake. I think both. Even then, by the time I got the camera out, body pieces have moved.

These little drawings help me reach 90% of the cementing my style, 100 day challenge. Soo close, and far at the same time.

This challenge was set up as 100 consecutive days. The overachiever in me was so pumped up and ready to do 200. Then summer came, vacations happened, kids are home became my focus. I gave myself big permissions to do it at my own pace. Sometimes I slacked, and in some pieces I wasn’t all present, but they all have something to teach me.

It has been freeing and scary to “have to show” the pieces I like and the ones I don’t, pictures with good lighting, and some not so much. Keeping it real. It feels good. Because the good and bad days are all part of my experience.

Not perfect, but doing it.