50% half way there feels great!

I am half way into my 100-day project, I am working on my art style.  I have picked art and artists I admire to copy at first, now to borrow their ideas for my own compositions and in doing so I am finding so many techniques to apply.

I went back to studying Sunol Alvar's art.  His work is so rich and simple at the same time, it is fascinating!  This is his painting I took pieces off to create my own.

Sunol Alvar, lithograph

Sunol Alvar, lithograph

Here are some pictures of the process of the little studies I did

and here a couple rejects, I played with markers for layering, I don't love the effect

Pushing along, I recently read the story of a woman that built a log cabin in her spare time in 3 years.  She said "I had a choice.  I could work for three years and end up with a log cabin, or I could not work on it for three years and not have one.  Either way I would be putting in the same amount of time."

My log cabin is built with pencil and paint.  How about yours?