nebula or galaxy?


I enjoy looking at the stars and there is nothing like a pitch dark country view of our universe. I even got to see the Milky Way in a clear night this summer. So majestic.

But I have to admit I have neither painted a galaxy nor gone to a sip-&-paint style class and I agreed to do both. Good learning opportunity though.

Turns out we most likely painted nebulae, which are clouds of gas found inside a galaxy. We looked at many pictures references and drew ideas from them.

Tips for trying this kind of painting:

  • It worked well and saved time to start with a black canvas.

  • Paint brushes were great for smaller details and to flick white diluted paint for big stars.

  • A toothbrush was awesome for smaller stars and adding several layers of stars gave it depth.

  • One of my favorite things to use was a spray bottle because it helped us achieved the soft cloud, cotton candy effect.

  • Look at the clouds, they are a white and blue version nebula.

The universe is not outside of you, look inside yourself;
everything that you want you already are. - Rumi