another girl for the poem

Anna, watercolor and pencil on paper 4.5x6in

Anna, watercolor and pencil on paper 4.5x6in

I found the girls! the main characters for the poem Fair Weather Friend by Shannon Tappana.

Meet Anna, she will be playing with Ella in a not too far away future.
Neither she or I are sure about her outfit. She looks like a Christmas tree, to be honest. I think she is a bit upset about her tights, too. But I really like her boots. So I’ll keep working on that part.

Here is another girl that came to auditon

And here are Anna and Ella together with their new outfits

This year I am using #the100dayproject to tackle older projects that I am still excited about. And I have been enjoying revisiting this sweet poem about friends. It goes something like this:

Fair Weather Friend

With the sun shining out,
it was a beautiful day!
My friend knocked at my door, asking me to play.

Is the sun shinin where you are?
Mine is playing peek-a-boo!

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