Ella and the balloon

Ella 8x10in watercolor and ink on paper

Ella 8x10in watercolor and ink on paper

That moment when the balloon is just out of reach…
Ella tied and was holding the balloon string, but somehow it broke off!

I have had so much fun exploring and finding the right characters for the poem Fair Weather Friend by Shannon Tappana. Now is onto rehearsing and finding all the emotions they can convey.

It is interesting how in finding their emotions I explore my own. This one made me think about the things I tie myself too, and how some are fleeting (like the balloon - red) and some are foundational (like the shoes - red.)

Letting go is an art that I am just beginning to learn. And as much as I plan, the one constant is change.

This was one of those pieces that made me think of the journey traveled. Of those things that I wish I could do that I am now able to. Practice my friends, practice makes a big difference.