tio Paco

Nice to meet you! Tio Paco got the part of the farmer in my version of the folktale The Giant Turnip.  He comes from the Andes in South America.

There were many that came to audition, I had 2 finalists, but at the end, Tio Paco had more life to his acting.



This was his contendercristina_kramp_now-what_icb1_wk1

The last 5 weeks have been intense and full of growth.  I took the Children's Book Illustration class from Make Art that Sells with Lilla Rogers and Zoe Tucker.  So much good information not enough time!  So, after about a ream of paper of learning and sketching, I feel more comfortable with my drawing and the way I do art.

Here is a very summarized version of the process