For Maija, but you can read it too


I was so excited when I finished this piece, I couldn't wait to deliver it.  The ink wasn't smearing, but it could probably have used more time to cure.  So, I thought, what better place for curing than the wall where it belongs?

Maija's husband commissioned a custom artwork as a Christmas present. Her favorite present I was told.  She had liked this other tree I did last year, but that piece had recently sold.

We worked on something special and just for her family.  It is a fusion of Scandinavian, Irish, and American, with a touch of Latin from my side. The tree has all their names, objects and symbols that are special to them. If you are curious here is a map.


What was it like to make it? It was a beautiful process. Want a peak?

Lots of love and fun moments in a 20 x 20 inch square.