Hello there!

Silo Sloth

Meet Silo Sloth.  His name means "of the forest."  He is going to be waving hi to all who see him at Midori bakery in Redmond, WA starting the afternoon of April 10th.

Come meet him and his forest mates in person from April 10th through June.
You'll find happy things to see and delicious things to taste. I hope you can make it.

How did Silo come to exist?  Midori has an unofficial sloth mascot. My daughter loves sloths. Little Owl needed more friends. Plenty of reasons for him to show up.

Here is the visual summary

In hindsight, I should have started with the background first.  I had so much fun adding the details that I created my own challenge of working the background last and having to constantly cut through the main figure.  I may have pulled a Cezanne here and there, he had some very creative tables that had inconsistent edges in his still lifes.  

I also learned that acrylics are much, much different than watercolors and that I need to get in a different mindset to work with them.  I need to purposefully break some watercolor habits.