My mind map, let's get personal

7 different layers trying to make sense of my mind

7 different layers trying to make sense of my mind

Yes, it is complicated.  

  1. I actually started with the mountains.  5 mountains for the 5 members of my immediate family.  My inspiration and my best school.
  2. Then the butterfly was created with patterns and a multitude of symbols representing all I value, which is summarized with the words.
  3. The flower's petals have some of the keys moments in my life (faith, conversion, really learning, moving countries, progressing, kids, family, showing my work, fulfilling my vision).
  4. The blue grass, an organic shape to contrast the straight line mountains.
  5. Then some pieces from a couple paintings became the sky.
  6. The silhouette, apparently I need to get a tutorial on selfies, but thank goodness my daughter helped me take the picture, then it was easy peasy to trace it in Photoshop with my handy tablet.
  7. The lettering of my values and what drives me.

Want to see some of the pieces by themselves?

Tadah!  To tell you the truth, I thought the butterfly was going to be it, it has always had a special meaning to me of transformation, of beauty.  Then the flower with the sky/universe background, was ok, but not strong enough to stand by itself.  The mountains, I love them alone, I might just need to hang that one up, but it didn't look very mind-mappish.  The solution, combine it all!  Nope, it wasn't fast, or easy, mind you I thougth I had it 3 times in the process.  But I learned and had fun in the process, that is what counts.

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