Dear Cameron


I had the priviledge of making this for my dear friend.  I enjoyed the process and coming up with ideas for her.  She made it a breeze.  It also helped that it was chocolate and latin music inspired, in her honor.

There are 7 members of her family represented in the roots and branches, they each have some symbol that correspond to them, intertwined with words and icons important to their family.

Do you see the lizard in the top middle branch?  it is a skink, this is monochromatic, but in real life it is a blue-tongued skink.  About 2 years ago I was in her living room when it arrived in the mail, packed in a box!  I surely thought she meant a skunk, but why would it come in a box? why would she want a skunk?  Knowing her, it must had been good for something.   I am glad it was a skink, not a skunk that has become her loving daughter's pet.

We together, created a special eucaliptus, willow tree with ever flowering dahlias, that matures in a circular fashion and grows with love.  So poetic!

Here it is how it came to be

I used a new paper for me, intended for chalk, but I liked drawing on it, Canson Mi-Teintes Touch Sanded Papers.  22 x 30 inches, as big as I could get it.  I used the Dr. Martins ink white waterbased ink, it was the most opaque of about 9, I tested.  

The process was fun, the mail was fast, one more happy friend! Lots of blessings.
I have built this new cool habit of saying a prayer before starting, it sure makes a difference.
Rituals are awesome!