January = affirmations

4x4 in acrylic on board with digital lettering

4x4 in acrylic on board with digital lettering

LIVE fully, LOVE joyfully is a play on words of Roger K. Allen's motto LIVE joyfully, LOVE fully.  They both have beautiful messages. 

Roger is a doer, a generous and loving person.  I think these 4 simple words describe him well.  He was my exchange student dad, and I smiled when I read "father of 3 married adult children (make that 4, including our exchange student from Ecuador whom we now claim as our own)" 

He is my dad and (fills my heart to the brim to see him as) grandpa to my kids.  That is the role I love to see him in because I can step back and watch what it means to be present, to love fully, to be joyful, silly, or stern when needed.  He and mom are my inspiration of people who live with intention.  Yes, I love them very much.

Roger is a great writer and a psychologist, too.  His messages are rich and they always seem to come at the right time.  Click on his name to learn more.

He was kind to share a few affirmations for me to play with, so here is 1 of them. 

And the visual summary of this particular one:

What words do you like to live by?