a THANK YOU affirmation

5x7 ink on paper with digital writting

5x7 ink on paper with digital writting

Gratefulness has been my proven medicine. 
Once I make the effort of noticing what is going right, the opposing force weakens. 

So today, think of what you can say thank you for, and who you can say it to. 

This week has brought many walls to climb, but the blessings surpass the difficulty.

Today I thank God for His hand in the minute details of my family's and my life.  I thank my family for continuing to try and finding new ways.  I thank myself for being proactive.

Small changes have a ripple effect.  From dreams to plans, things are happening.  

This week I got to meet with Betsy Cordes, owner of February 13 Creative.   She wears many hats, and for me she was the excited cheerleader, the honest coach, the gentle mentor, and the sharp eye art director.  

I was starting to run like a headless chicken.  But it's time to walk and hold on tight to that head.  Betsy is one of the people I am thankful for this week.

And a few visuals