a sweet hug

5x7in watercolor, gouache, and ink on paper

5x7in watercolor, gouache, and ink on paper

It was the weekend, the sun was shinning, and we were house-bound with the new puppy. Delightful really, and I got to see this bonding happening.

To this day, Rusty, only rests his head on my older son’s shoulder. Those two are good friends.

I have picked 3 of Rie Muñoz’s pieces to study and this one speaks to me in many levels.

The Embrace by  Rie Muñoz

The Embrace by Rie Muñoz

The emotion in such a simple illustration is phenomenal. The tightness of the hug, the mother figure leaning and protecting, the rosy cheeks of warmth. Rie’s simplified figures are rich in detail and expression. Her line flow is dynamic and I just love how the pattern defines the shape without outlines.

So I borrowed the idea and palette and went to work. It was fun painting the pattern on the shirt without the outline. But, my shirt started looking like a blouse, so I decided to add a layer of paint. Didn’t get the full no-outline effect that way. But will keep trying.

During the summer I lost momentum. Sitting at my studio became less and less of a priority and it has been hard to let go of other things calling for my time. It has been like a climb to a mountain peak, ssllooww, but last week the blessings started pouring.
I sent an email to Rie’s contact with a link to my last post. The very same day I heard back from her son! who actually looked and read it. It was just what I needed that day. Sometimes the next little step is the next milestone. So keep climbing!