a memory snapshot, 90% there!

5x7 watercolor and gouache on paper, a memory snapshot

5x7 watercolor and gouache on paper, a memory snapshot

It was just a moment, I saw my younger boy and our puppy. Both staring at me with their big sweet dark eyes. Both innocent, full of energy, enjoying the moment. I wanted to capture that, so I watched them, loved them, soaked it in, and run to draw it.

And like many of my little studies, the image and the inspiration had a very special connection. So, there was no question to apply what I observed in this image from Rie Muñoz to my sketch.

Power Outage by  Rie Muñoz

Power Outage by Rie Muñoz

I was absorbed by the process and forgot to take many pictures. But this gives you an idea of a few of the stages. It was neat to paint background to foreground and let the background show through the eyes and the hair, and totally through the figure’s body.

From Rie’s I observed and translated to my own, the background to foreground painting, the stylized figure, the subtle pattern of her wall, and the limited palette. She loves blues, I love teals, we both really like orange. I love patterns and now I see I could have given my figures more contrast to pop them out. But, I do like this piece.

Today, I give myself permission to pause and observe.
What kind of permission would you give yourself today?