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7x5.5in Line Pumpkin drawing, ink and watercolor on paper

7x5.5in Line Pumpkin drawing, ink and watercolor on paper

Why a pumpkin in December Cristina?
Because it marked the beginning of the end of year festivities, because we just composted our pumpkins, because I want to slow down time and savor a little more.

Yeap, a little more time. Did you know a pumpkin could mean that?
Today, I remembered the Fall, pumpkins, changing leaves, Halloween, the Day of the Dead, school, orange, and face-painting. Today I savor the pumpkin moments of this year and freeze up experiences with images.

Why does this pumpkin look this way?

Because I was thinking of the Dia de los Muertos (day of the dead in Ecuador) When we visited the tombs of relatives, brought flowers, said prayers and went home to enjoy the Guaguas de Pan (bread babies—on the sides of the skull) and Colada Morada (a yummy berry soup).
The similarities in culture with Mexico are fascinating, so I added the Day of Dead skull there, a flourished flower version of it anyhow.

I hope you find the best way for you to make this holiday season meaningful and peaceful!