the best gift

4.5x9.75 in watercolor on paper

4.5x9.75 in watercolor on paper

My body wakes up early, my mind often tries to catch up.
A couple of weeks ago I was greeted by a colorful and beautiful sunrise.
The moon was a sliver of light and looked perfectly aligned with what must have been a planet, because it was bright and not twinkling, or maybe it was a very steady airplane. But the moment was jaw dropping.

The picture I took just didn’t do it justice, so with the colors as the inspiration I tried to replicate that wonderful experience.

I got thinking how neat it is to have the eyes I do to see this wonder, to be alive in this beautiful earth, to have such a life giving environment. To breath, to have hands to make things and try to preserve moments like this.

To me it makes sense that an ever loving God is orchestrating all of it.
That experience was a gift, the best gift that morning.

I hope this season and the upcoming year brings you lots of great experiences.

Merry Christmas and many blessings!