SLOW DOWN! - Papa Squid

4.5 x 6 in color pencil on paper, parallel pen writing

4.5 x 6 in color pencil on paper, parallel pen writing

Now with a little more direction, I continue to be amazed at what I find in my path.  

This week, I attended the Art in Nature workshop by Events Wild.  The group was delightful, the concept of scheduling the time to re-connect with nature is great. It is so rewarding to shift focus, get a bigger picture, and a wonderful way to be present.  To marvel at nature and notice the beauty of details.  A wonderful way to recharge. Thanks Erika!

Last week, I told myself that for my 'artist date' I was going to go to a local nursery and take my time there.  Plus my planters on the porch are looking sad and in need of color. 
Well, it turned out to be a busy week, with some sickness at home.  So, it didn't happen.  Then I remember about the workshop, convinced a friend to go with me, and took the opportunity. I feel braver doing new things with friends.

I was blissful sketching and noticing, I was in my happy place.

We turned off our phones, time concept was gone.  It felt liberating.  
Going home, I saw 3 clear signs that prompted me to slow down.  First, a group of policemen in training waving at people, I might have been going a tad fast.  Then a school sign, and finally an electronic sign, it was reading the car in the other lane, I promise!  
Then I thought, where is it that I am hurrying to?

I value a slow life, and I am making changes to live one.  
Being present is a present. 

And like a wise, caring leader said: "find joy in the journey now!" -Thomas Monson.  

And because I don't want to forget how Papa Squid happen, here is his little summary

What helps you slow down?