mama Squid's wise words

6 x 4.5 in color pencil and ink on paper

6 x 4.5 in color pencil and ink on paper

I was saving this stressed-out octopus for a good occasion. 

There has been so much syncronicity, a.k.a. blessings, in my life lately.  The focus and direction I have been yearning for is becoming clearer.  Just when I commit to simplifying my life (again) multiple good causes came knocking on my door.  I know I have a choice, but sometimes I have a hard time finding it.  

I used to think I had to do it all on my own as a sign of strenght.  Now I know that strenght comes from realizing I am not alone.  And that asking for help and relying in other's strenghts helps me grow faster and in ways I couldn't imagine.

This week I had the pleasure of meeting with Anya Hankin, who generously offered me a Bussiness Visioning session.  I learned about that offer through another site I follow, and as I was randomly checked email one day, I signed up to receive 1 of 10 spots.  I figure it never hurts to try.  Didn't hurt, it felt so good when I heard I got one.  See the blessings?

Well, let me just tell you.  Anya is a skilled and experience writer, a "creative catalyst" and that put the cherry on top for me after the fantastic session with Betsy Cordes from February13 Creative.  Now to put all the good advice into action. 

Anya said "go bigger, before smaller" to me it meant zoom out, get a good clear view and then zoom in.  Which took me full circle to DIRECTION over SPEED.  

Here is mama Squid without her wise words

I do have to give credit to the quote that inspired it "To Him, our direction is more important than our speed" It is attributed to Richard L. Evans and also Larry R. Lawrence, so thanks to both.

What do you think of that thought, that your direction is more important than your speed?