rocks & love

acrylic ink on rocks

acrylic ink on rocks

Yes, love is the best feeling ever and it never fails!  

Love is a sure foundation, motivation, and inspiration to me.

When I was brainstorming for a special Valentine's gift, I remembered this rock I have written on, then I read the message and I knew what the surface for this project was going to be.


Why a rock? because it is hard, it is used in lasting places, because they are all unique, you can hold it, because you can use it.  

I really went rock climbing into a quarry and chose each rock to fill a bucket. From the bucket I chose the ones that fit my recipients' personalities & design, that was fun!

The FIRST one is a delicate intricate design on what seems a smooth surface.  But that rock had so much going on in texture and color, like L's personality.

The SECOND,  a cross-section of the intersection of many rich areas.  Contrast that works well together, a striking variety that works as one.  Like it's recipients, complementing.  

The third one was the perfect shape for the way these lovely people live.  With a big heart and passion in all they do.  They always have something nice to say or a smile to share, love them!

The FOURTH, my way to say "I love you" that day to B.  And 1 of my many reminders to show it in word or deed.  I like those reminders.

Lots of love.