first BE, then Do, so you can HAVE, daughter Squid

4.5 x 6 in color pencil & ink on paper, with digital lettering

4.5 x 6 in color pencil & ink on paper, with digital lettering

Remember the Squid family I have been introducing you to?
This is daughter Squid and she is onto something. 
She knows herself and does what is needed to have her tangible and intangible wishes.

A few weeks back I heard about this paradigm shift from a traditional way of living that a lot of us tend to pursue HAVE, then DO, so I can BE.  To BEING, DOING, to HAVE.  This time it resonated loudly and made so much sense.  It came at the right time, synchronicity/blessing, and daughter Squid had the words I needed to stand her by, literally.

I love reading self-help books, and answering their questions have helped me dig deeper and deeper.  And moments when a concept like BE, DO, HAVE make sense, I know I am moving forward.  It makes sense to me because it complements another concept I learned over a decade or two ago, the LOVE /TRUST model, by Roger Allen.  It is like he will say "living from the inside out"

And here is an 'inside out' peek at daughter Squid

I hope daughter Squid encourage you to be your own colorful self. 

So, let's be the people we want to be around and do take any size step based on our values.  I know the having is an added bonus to all the love, joy, and confidence being and doing bring.

Have a wonderful week!