I just couldn't wait!

7x10 color pencil and ink on paper

7x10 color pencil and ink on paper

Why couldn't I wait, I had to share this great article with you

click on the image to take you there!

click on the image to take you there!

I have had this goal of collaborating with delightful souls and I can now share this project!

Roger K. Allen, is an amazing person, one who lives with intention and expells love and generosity in all he does.

I enjoy his writing and on multiple occasions, the messages he shares are just what I needed to read that day.  I encourage you to sign up for his newsletter
This time I got to interpret the message visually, and it was neat how after reading the article the first time I could see Super Squid to the rescue!

Roger says:  "Change your posture or facial expressions. Stand or sit upright. Move in a deliberate way. Put your shoulders back. Stretch. Take in a deep breath and make yourself big. Maybe even do a superman or wonder woman impression. (Kind of like my squid.) Make the expression on your face send a message that you could conquer the world. Our physical and emotional worlds are very interrelated. By changing your physiology you will alter your emotional state."

Have you heard of power poses?  they are a thing, and Super Squid has the advantage of his multiple arms to make multiple power poses at the same time, talk about multitasking.  The cape, I could have tucked it in by his sorta shoulders, but when deciding where to put it, I chuckled at the thought of him wearing it on his head.

Super Squid is quirky, mismatched, does things his own way and he owns it. 
Just love this little guy. 

The article Developing Resilience as a Key to Self-Esteem is rich with doable tips and I particularly like this one:

 "Praise yourself. We need praise. It feels good and affirming. Yet we often wait for it to come from others (and then discount it when it does). So make an affirming statement about yourself right now. Think or even say it aloud. Say it again. Even if no one else knows or recognizes something you did (are), you can praise yourself. It counts. Doing so is deeply nourishing." -Roger K. Allen

Well done dad! well done Cristina!