a 100 days!

Have you heard of the 100 days project?  This year when I set the goal of cementing my style that is what came to mind.  By serendipity, I learned about the challenge starting in April, I was still hesitant, how in the world was I going to find time to do it?  Yet I knew things don't line up so beautifully just because. 

Before it all, I had already been browsing and tagging styles and illustrations I am drawn to 

And conveniently through the years, whenever I had paint left over or extra paper laying around I have been painting backgrounds, that I haven't put to good use yet.  And they were well needed for this project.  So, to make the 100 days doable, I am constraining size for most the pieces, staring with 2.5 x 3.5 inches and will work my way up to about an 8x10 inches

the backgrounds for the 100 day porject

the backgrounds for the 100 day porject

So here it is the process for the first days projects

When there is a wish, there is a way!  (I know it is not the traditional saying, but I like it this way)
What do you think you could do for a 100 days to get better at?