10% done

This week I took apart pieces of this painting of Suñol Alvar.  I came across his work while visiting a neighbor and I could have stared at his art for hours. 

Suñol Alvar art 

Suñol Alvar art 

Suñol Alvar was a Spanish painter, called the Master of all Mediums.  His work pulls me in because of the subtle intricacies and rich details, yet an overall simplicity that brings me peace.  His art has so much movement and the layering is exquisite in my opinion.

Why 10%?  I am doing the 100-day project.  Studying some favorite pieces and figuring out the techniques, not just copying them.  This week's studies encouraged me to tackle a bigger painting that has been brewing in my head.  So it works!  Knowledge is power and taking even small steps make things happen.  

Here are a few more shots of this week's pieces:

Have you thought of what you would like to do for 100 days? 
What makes you happy?