40% there

set of 2.5 x 4in gouache and ink studies, inspired by Montserrat Clave's illustrations

This week I passed the 40 mark of 100 studies and art I am making to cement my style.  The 50% milestone seems so close, it is exciting!

I focused on the style of Montserrat Clave, here you can see my illustrations by hers

I love how simple Montserrat designs are.  I delight in her bright and colorful illustrations.  And enjoy how there is lots of texture without being overwhelming.  So, I tried my hand at a couple radial designs, they remind me of mandalas, which are fascinating, too.

If I have to describe her style in a few words I would say RICH & SIMPLE.  
In a list of goals I wrote for my art, I wrote SIMPLE RICHNESS, no wonder why I am so drawn to Clave's work.

I joined in The 100 Day Project , a challenge to do something for a 100 days, because I need to clarify my voice as an artist.  I am recognizing what I am most drawn to, color & patterns, and what I don't enjoy doing.   I love learning, but learning/doing/practicing makes it extra meaningful.  

Is there something that you have been always wanting to try?  Try it for a day, a week, a month, or maybe 100 days and then you will for sure know if it is your thing.