be the beacon of light you seek

8x10 in gouache and ink on paper

8x10 in gouache and ink on paper

More beautiful and meaningful words to illustrate.  
My ideas revolved around lighthouses, lightbulbs, candles, fire, and lanterns.  

This final design was a sketch I did for fun.  I have noticed my client's super cute bright pink high heels and how she had mentioned wearing heels to work all the time.  A figure carrying a lantern was the way to put the heels and the light in the same frame.  Then the lantern and candle spaces were just the right size for the message to go on. 
It fell together like it was meant to be.  Plus the requested colors could be easily added.  

Notice the pattern on the skirt?  it is the symbol of joy.  The legs are taking a step to denote action and movement, as is the tilt on the flame of the candle.  The pattern of the floor is contrasting with both the organic pattern of the skirt and in color with the heels. 

The lady, who commissioned the piece, is terrific and the more I get to know her, the more I like her.   Did you notice the defined calves on the legs?  that is to point out how strong she is, and not only physically.

Here is the visual summary of how it went

These words honor her boss and mentor TW.  What a cool way to remember someone important, don't you agree?  I was just tickled to be part of it all.