a blue and giant DANDELION

22X28” acrylic on canvas, available after August 2018

22X28” acrylic on canvas, available after August 2018

In one word:  CONTRAST
There is the juxtaposition of the geometric of the background shapes with the organic flower silhouette, the chaos of the blue like explosion vs. the order of the triangles, the warm vs. the cool colors, the fleeting vs. the long lasting.  

Plus the dandelion is a very symbolic icon, I especially dig these three meanings

  1. wishes:  just like the ones we get when we blow our birthday candles
  2. transformation: the obvious change of the plant growing and turning from a flower to the white snowball like top
  3. childhood:  the joy in the simple things, blowing and seeing the seeds fly is magical

Here is the painting process

This zoom in perspective of a dandelion starting to get blown in the wind, is an invitation to pause and observe.  To be aware of the little changes, to be focused on one thing even when there are millions of others (triangles) competing for attention.

What would you choose to pay attention to this week?