I made a bowl and a pen!

I may have made several iterations of said bowl, perhaps 12 of them.  It did not come naturally to handle clay on the potter's wheel.  It was rather comical and I was lucky I had 2 sessions to work on it. The setting was delightful though, a workshop on a bridge over a flowing creek.  And the company was great, too.   

As I am experimenting to find a definite voice that I can carry over all my art. I pushed my comfort zone, I went 3-D.  Also, I have signed up my daughter for a pen turning class that she decided to skip to go on a high ropes course, go figure!  So, I took her place.

Once upon a time, I was majoring in Industrial Design. The drawing part was awesome, model making was hard and scary.  It did not help that one of the guys in my class chopped his fingertip off.  So, power tools can be intimidating to me.  But I did it! both the cup and the pen were great 3-D transformational projects.  I now know that while I very much admire sculptors and wood artists, I will leave 3-D to them.  At this time, no further exploration in that realm necessary.

Making the pen was fascinating, and since I want to remember how it happened, here we go:

Pretty awesome experiences, with very tangible outcomes. 
Definitelly, gained a better appreciation for these art forms.