Paying attention

These little landscape and tree exercises will take it up to 75% of the 100 days project of cementing my style.

I played with realistic vs. interpretation and exactness vs. simplicity.  Nature is beautiful and bast and I am more of an interpretive artist.  Honestly, I got bored of adding every single detail I saw.  Which was interesting to me considering how much I love intricate patterns.  So I realized, is the interpretation of things that I so much enjoy.  It is the translation of how I see the world that both excites and scares me because it means being vulnerable.

So, this quest of cementing my style is also a journey of making my voice speak clearer.  This is out of my comfort zone, yet so thrilling.  I think it is because of the growth and those self-discovery moments that are precious to experience.  

The more I get into a steady practice, the more I realize that I am mostly a conduit.  Some days when I am well wired, things flow and happen seamlessly.  Other days, I have to work a little harder and patch up the connection, the results are not as magnificent, yet there is still lots of learning.

What connection am I talking about?  James 1:17 explains it better "every good and perfect gift comes from above"

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