Interpreting nature

4.5x6in watercolor & gouache on paper

4.5x6in watercolor & gouache on paper

When you take a 3 week road trip and get easily car sick, you are forced to observe, sleep or drive.  Did my good share of all 3.  Despite going through some pretty flat terrain areas, there was always something interesting to notice.  The different wild grasses, the rolling hills, the houses off in the distance.

One of my favorite was being surprised by tons of sunflowers growing wild at the sides of the freeway on the way to Yellowstone.  In Idaho I saw beautiful farm rolling green hills, so striking you could say they have been Photoshoped.

So here are some memories of those places, in the process (left) and finished (right)  

There is always something good if I take the time to observe.  And what I choose to emphasize builds me up or could crumble me too.
So, today I choose to notice my blessings.