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an informal cursive alphabet

an informal cursive alphabet

I got to teach a group of girls ages 8-11, they wanted to learn cursive with a flair. So I prepared this simple lesson for them. To access the printable version of 9 pages of practice sheets, subscribe to my updates and you can receive it. I would love to hear your thoughts .

Italic alphabet quote, print available  here

Italic alphabet quote, print available here

I began studying calligraphy many years ago in college. I gave it a lot of my attention for a few years after and I learned a lot of discipline through repetition.

The first alphabet I learned was Italics, and when I thought I figured it out, I joined a year long class of said alphabet and boy you can dissect a letter apart!

Italic alphabet scripture, print available  here

Italic alphabet scripture, print available here

What fascinates me about calligraphy is the tactile element. Dipping the pen into the ink bottle, holding the paper with one hand, while the other scratches the surface leaving a trace. Calligraphy is a way to make beautiful thoughts, visually beautiful.

For a few years I was part of an amazing community, a calligraphy guild named Write On Calligraphers
A group that fosters the love for letters. Highly recommend checking them out, especially if you are in the Pacific Northwest. It is a group of wonderful people that take you under their wing and show you the way.

Even when my focus has shifted. I think of calligraphy fondly and the progress I saw from practice, cemented a technique I can apply in any discipline.

casual pointed pen variation

casual pointed pen variation

Check out the full lesson, 9 pages of practice sheets, to print out at home by subscribing to my updates here. Try it, you may like it!