Why do something for 100 days?

a celebration of the 100 day project completion, Cementing my Style

In my art, I was at a point where I had explored many different things, and I liked many of them. Art technique wise I could defend myself and do ok, so it was time to dig deeper into my voice.
I learned about the 100 day project, and it was just the challenge I needed.

There were many lessons learned, but these are my top 10:

  1. it was a great way to tackle those ‘someday’ ideas that I’ve wanted to try for a while

  2. repetition builds habits, awareness and knowledge

  3. accountability keeps you going when you are at 44/100 , so doing it with the #The100DayProject group was key

  4. because of the accountability, I went from: now I have to, to yes I can, to Yes I am doing it, to Yes I did!

  5. Taking the leap to do something uncomfortable yields growth and clarity

  6. The goal was 100 = the big picture, I had to create a how and then break it down into 100 little pieces to make it doable. A system applicable to anything really

  7. It was a great way to connect to artists I admire, and really notice what make their art theirs

  8. the more you do it the easier it gets, and the progression begins

  9. a practice with heart yields triple the fruits, I can tell the pieces I put focus and intention in

  10. it helped me get a good start in celebrating big and small achievements

These are some of my favorite pieces that I was able to create with the learnings from the little studies. I counted progress in these big ones as different days.

So how did I do it?

I used a few books I had in hand, and picked my favorite art and illustrations. I made sure to have small backgrounds ready. I copied at first then use the style in my own compositions.
My 100 days spread over 6 months, but I finished!

So here are 3 quick pointers

  • prepare ahead what you can

  • do something small or break down a big project into smaller pieces (1 corner a day)

  • be kind to yourself and give yourself permissions: to do it, to take longer, even to change your mind.

  • celebrate small and big milestones

What do you say, want to start on this journey? What do you want to begin, learn or get better at?
Let’s do it together!

The challenge this year starts April 2, 2019. Are you in?