The Good Shepherd

8x24in acrylic on canvas

8x24in acrylic on canvas

I created this piece as an art submission for an art competition titled Meditations on Belief.

While thinking about my believes, this piece evolved in every stage as I read and thought of many scriptures, the biggest thing I noticed is how consistent God is, how He and His Son are to me an immovable foundation. So, when we talk wonders of old and current miracles they are all governed by the same laws and not so different really. 

A few details that I chose to add to this piece were:

  • The 7 days of creation represented by the 7 blue horizontal lines, that we mimic with our 7 days of the week.

  • Jesus 12 apostles represented by the yellow gold lines in the middle of the blue horizontal lines.

  • God is light is described by the sun on the right.

  • All the circular suggestions depict the worlds without number that the scriptures talk about. 

  • Jesus, the Good Shepherd, is looking up to the sun (God) in front of the flock, taking a step – taking action. It shows His willingness and humility in doing what was needed. The most unselfish person radiating light with His actions and mere presence.  

  • His robe is made up of many of His names thorough Old and New Testament records: olive leaves, flowers and a few animals that represent peace and beauty.  

It is amazing to me to think how Jesus fulfilled the role of leader and servant with a heart full of love. And I am even more grateful for all He does for me every day.  Having a chance to repent and be forgiven is a pretty amazing thing.

The painting in different stages: