camp Thundercraft

riding a happy pretend roller coaster, photography by  Lydia Brewer , an amazing photographer!

riding a happy pretend roller coaster, photography by Lydia Brewer, an amazing photographer!

Taking leaps bring on wonderful discoveries. A month or two ago I decided to go to a pop-up market downtown Seattle. I felt brave, as driving downtown is not exactly in my comfort zone. There I met some amazing and generous makers and learned about Camp Thundercraft.

When I went home and realized it was a local, creative biz, handmade products’ camp for adults, I SO wanted to go. But how to make it all work out? Well, grandpa and grandma’s visit magically lined up with the dates and off I went “with a stranger I met on Facebook” (as my son stills points out) to Vashon Island for an adventure.

Check out Solmates and Attic Journals, they are amazing PNW businesses

I met wonderful people, the connection with many was instantaneous.

What did I learn there?

  1. Relationships are key in every level, from accountability buddies, to those we want to do business with. There is always a person behind it all and beautiful human beings to be discovered. Fostering good relationships helps us become better people.

  2. We learn by listening, asking, repetition, evaluating, trying, but most importantly DOING.

  3. To spin many plates the only way to do it is one at the time, paying attention to each and then zooming out for a big picture view.
    Zoom in an out often to keep perspective and making sure you are going the direction you want.

  4. Imperfect is good, letting go is better, getting help is the best.

  5. Trust my journey, my learning and my path. I don’t know many things, but I know many others. Apply the knowlege and magnify it.

  6. Boundaries bring clarity and clarity help build strong kind boundaries.

I was lifted by the generosity and sharing. It’s so great that there are amazing people that like coordinating and make great things happen. I learned first hand the benefit of a local community.

I didn’t understand how lonely creating in my bubble felt until I shared and heard similar feelings. The need for community is great, even for this introverted being.

So if you get a chance, do something uncomfortable but positive sometime this week!

ps: thanks Urban Craft Uprising!