a poem about friends

Ella, 4.5 x 6 watercolor and ink on paper

Ella, 4.5 x 6 watercolor and ink on paper

There are some neat projects I wanted to tackle, so I commited to another 100 days or #the100dayproject. This time TACKLING OLDER PROJECTS. And it has been so fun to ‘have’ to do it.

A friend, Shannon T., wrote the poem Fair Weather Friend, and I am tickled to illustrate it for her.

Character exploration feels like auditioning. Ella made the part! I like it that her name means “she” in Spanish. I have drawn many versions of this girly and I am excited to have found her.

Feels like I always start hesitantly and loosen up in the way. Borrowing from all sorts of visual stimulation. I frankenstein a concoction based on feeling more than looks.

How? Trying different hairdos, eyes, noses, mouths, ears, proportions, bodies and dresses. Moving them around until they eventually fall in place. Even when one element falls into place it is a triumph.

What did I learn in the process? I noticed I am partial to a rounded square shapes. I gravitate to simple features and purposefully mismatched clothing. Little feet and of course patterns, namely stripes, are a must.

I love it that a big project is happening piece by piece.

ps: I was so happy tandyshimai is a little crazy like me and is singing her way through #the100dayproject. Go listen to her! She rocks.