Anna's emotions

composite of 7 images of Anna’s postures and emotions

composite of 7 images of Anna’s postures and emotions

I used to get tired of drawing the same things over and over. The exact same I still do, there are scanners and copiers for that! But when small lines tweaked create a new mood or expression it opens so many options.

Plus in this case it also gave me the opportunity to play with Anna’s outfit and see what works better. Still with a limited palette, I enjoyed lining up the small sketches and picking what parts of the outfits were blue, and which ones red. Getting to know Anna, has been a joy.

Anna is comfortable being the center of attention and acting comes in very natural. She can get into character in seconds and practices daily in front of a mirror. She is dedicated to better herself and loves learning.

Some of these emotions are ones I wish I could portray easily, but while I am still understanding why it’s hard for me to show them openly, I will draw and paint them, a step closer don’t you think?

In the books I’ve been reading, a common idea is to become aware of feelings, circumstances, habits, triggers, etc. That awareness help us know what we can/need to change, because if we keep doing the same things, we will keep getting the same results.

Doing a zoom out view of life is a big project for me, but very needed, so I am excited to be sharing what comes out of that. Art really is my therapy, by drawing all these emotions I noticed many things and I feel ready to change a few others.

What would you like to change?