When time runs faster than me!

One of a Kind, 4.5x6in watercolor on pencil

One of a Kind, 4.5x6in watercolor on pencil

Actually, most things could run faster than me, I am a walker…

Almost two weeks ago I talked about attempting a zoom out perspective of what I have been doing. The end of the school year, with three kids in school, was not the best timing for that. But the commitments and busyness gave me permission to LET GO!

Part of the ‘letting go’ became avoidance, part of it gave me some breathing room to just think.

I have been trying so hard to fit myself in a mold and follow all the instructions I was hearing business wise. But when some information started contradicting others and I found many ways of doing the same thing, it was time to stop, reconsider and follow my heart.

The thing is my heart wants to do it all. So I am lovingly talking it down to 1 thing at the time. But then, what 1 thing first? Dilemas, dilemas…

I admire those people that know what they want. I like too many things, I want to do too many things. But something for sure is that trying to do many things at once have brought confussion more than clarity.

But I am paying attention, trying to be quiet, and listen. Oh it is so hard!

So, even when like the pencil above, I may be green, a little crooked, and smaller, I choose to follow my heart. Being One of a Kind, is a wonderful thing to strive for. I will do less, and sometimes

“do nothing, [‘cause] it often leads to the very best of something” -Christopher Robin

I need practice not being busy all the time.

For now it means, spacing out my blog posts and updates. A little planning, and more on purpose actions.

I will let you know how it goes!