summer & happiness

5x7 watercolor & ink on paper

5x7 watercolor & ink on paper

Illustrating happiness, when not feeling super up-beat didn’t quite work the first time. But trying again was a good thing. The ‘retainer’ aspect of the letters, made me smile and lifted my mood. So I hope you find something there that brings a smile to your face too.

A literal illustration of happiness, with a subtle collection of happy things that make up the circle of the ‘emoji’ like face. Drawing 'happies’ helped me be grateful.

Why am I drawing happiness? Because Dr. Roger Kay Allen just release a new course on happiness called Claiming Your Power to Live a Happy and Abundant Life. It is a practical and wisdom packed course. And he has offered a few spots to my friends, so sign up for my newsletter and learn the details. -This offer ends July 31, 2019-

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