ranunculus & life

 11x14 in watercolor on paper

 11x14 in watercolor on paper

How all the pieces of this painting came together was magical.  My son gave me the background branches as we were walking back from school.  He noticed the contrasting colors and shapes.  We were fascinated at how pretty they looked together.  It was the one day that week that the sun was shining.

That same week, I went grocery shopping with a lady that put her life on hold to help her extended family.  In thinking about family, illnesses, and love, I spotted this orange ranunculuses.

Ranunculus plants can be wild looking, crooked and unpredictable, just like life.  It was easy to reflect on our life cycle just by observing the flowers.  There were buds, some opening flowers, some full in bloom and the ones starting to fade.  All the layers, from detailed to simple, color to white, emphasized and hidden make up the beauty of life.  

That week I was studying the art of Alvar Suñol, a fantastic artist that mastered many mediums.  His paintings are intricate with detail, yet simple compositions.  His use of negative and white space is thoughtful, and the layering exquisite.

This was my way to apply what I learned from him.





I didn't overthink the composition and in letting it flow, I kept surprising myself.  I had small chunks of time to work on it, so I couldn't rush any part.  A lesson in patience as well. 

That week was full of synchronicity and blessings.   A week filled with lessons about love and the brevity of life.  This painting was my therapy in helping others bear a heavy load.  

Each day is a gift, it matters how we use it, what we pay attention to, who we share it with.  Each day is a PRESENT.

ps:  This painting will go full circle as it was created in between hospital visits and will be exhibited at the Evergreen hospital this summer.  Stay tuned.