black lines & a pop of color

8.5x11 in pen and color pencil illustration, my house growing up

8.5x11 in pen and color pencil illustration, my house growing up

On to experimenting and studying artists I admire.  This week I decided to put into practice what I was noticing into my own compositions. 

I have admired Susan Perl's illustrations since I was little, the line drawings have so much detail and can look complicated and I think the balance that the pop of color she adds makes it work so well together.

one Susan Perl's illustration

one Susan Perl's illustration

It was a challenge for me not to do a sketch before the pen and marker.  Don't measure the shapes with a square.  When it came time to draw people that was another story, I had to sketch them sometimes several times until the body parts looked like they belonged.

Here is the summary of the week

This first drawing is of my house growing up or what I remember of it.  We had a little-gated garden in front that my grandma use to tent and the neighbors used to kill with their flying soccer balls.  The red VW bug was my dad's favorite car he owned, and he changed cars lots! 

This second drawing is my house today.  I love the flowers that come up in the spring, it has been a colorful month to look outside.  I did it from memory and I missed a few elements here and there.  But not the teal door, that is our happy door one cannot miss.

Drawing little people, my favorite little people.  Representing my 3 kids and a little of their personalites.   My son actually made a kite and was flying it, he inspired my drawing.  

My other son inspired this one.  He just built a rocket from a soda bottle (hence the rocket on his PJs) and one night when I asked him to put his head on the pillow, he did just that! 

This week was down to memory lane and straight relying on memory for some drawings.
It was pretty awesome to think how my memories are tied to my experiences and also tied to my interpretation of them.  Perhaps not picture perfect, but full of meaning.