8x10 in gouache and ink on paper

            8x10 in gouache and ink on paper

I had the privilege of illustrating this quote for a strong and sweet lady. 
Her boss/mentor shared these words of wisdom with her.  I think they are beautiful.

As I read this quote I had many ideas related to height, road, and journey.  And this is how it evolved:

My friend liked the bird idea, but she also wanted it to be an eagle; eagles are such powerful symbols.  She asked me to put a sun somewhere in there, to me the sun is another mighty representation, so it was perfect for a background.

The lines are rather free and organic, no ruler involved.  The lettering is very informal and bouncy to carry the message of imperfection.  A message of how mistakes while inevitable can always teach us a lesson, and in opening our hearts to that learning is one way to take the high road.

How would you take the HIGH ROAD this coming week?